Embroidery is the art of decorating through a set of strands of thread sewn on a fabric that serves as a base.

Textile crafts in Baena reach their peak in the Holy Week celebrations

Banners, canopies, vestments of sacred images and brotherhoods are a faithful example

From the exuberant jackets of the Jews to the delicate mantles and skirts of the images of the Virgin, passing through the immaculate “little white suits” and the numerous banners, pennants and insignia of the different brotherhoods and brotherhoods, the crafts related to textiles are continues to be maintained in Baena as an integral part of the Holy Week traditions.

Of all the tasks that could be included in this type of craft, the most important is, without a doubt, embroidery or the art of decorating a flexible surface, generally a fabric, by means of textile threads.

The threads used can be the same as those used for weaving, although above all cotton, silk, wool and linen are used, all with various colors and silver and gold with the different forms that are adopted in weaving. In the latter cases, used above all for making banners, canopies and vestments for sacred images, gems, pearls, beads and metallic sequins are sometimes strung, known as beaded embroidery.

Although there are also industrial embroideries, those made in an artisanal way continue to predominate in Baena, being especially characteristic those that adorn most of the Jewish jackets that during the celebrations of the Passion constitute what could be considered a whole textile museum in the street .

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Artesano textil midiendo chaqueta
Flap measurement
Placement of embroidered pieces
Artesano textil punteando chaqueta
Pin fastening
Chaqueta judío detalle
Embroidery detail


The exuberance of a tradition transferred to a fabric

That's how they saw us


Los dorados fondos de los tambores y de los cascos de coracero se hacen luz con los primeros rayos de sol y el contraste de coliblancos y colinegros unidos muestran una estampa que difícilmente volverá a repetirse a lo largo de la Semana Santa.
Abril, 2019
Los judíos sorprenden con los destellos dorados del brillo de sus cascos de latón finamente pulidos y ornamentados en relieve con motivos vegetales, alegóricos o pasionales (...) Del casco cuelga la cola, la que los divide en turbas, la colinegra y la coliblanca.
Febrero, 2015
Por menos de ciento ochenta y cinco euros no se adquiere el casco dorado de metal con celada, aunque no existen límites cuando se incrementa la artesanía del labrado y se hace a medida. Entonces los precios superan claramente los mil euros.
Abril, 2006
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