A trip to the past

Civil basilica located on one of the flanks of the Forum of the Archaeological Park of Torreparedones.

An exceptional archaeological heritage


Since the Late Bronze Age, human occupation in the current demarcation of the municipality has been very intense. The archaeological finds testify to a millenary past of singular importance.

Baena is one of the Andalusian municipalities with the largest number of identified archaeological sites, highlighting Torreparedones, an ancient Iberian-Roman city identified with the Virtus Julia Ituci colony. However, this important settlement, which has been described as the Cordovan Pompeii, is not the only referent of the different civilizations that left their mark on the territory. Iponuba, Ízcar or hill of the grinders They are some of the most outstanding of the Baen cast and, along with them, a wide set of fortified enclosures that tell us about an intense occupation, especially in the Campiña area.

The magnitude of these ancient cities is evident in the exceptional finds that are exhibited not only in the town’s Historical Museum but also in others such as the National Archaeological Museum, where, to cite just one example, together with the Lady of Elche and the Lady of Baza, the Baena lioness It is one of the icons of the Iberian peninsular culture.

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