The splendor of other times

An exceptional archaeological heritage

The remains of the Roman civilization are very abundant in the surroundings of Baena.

Located in areas very close to the urban center of the city or in the countryside, the sites that make up the local archaeological map are of great importance for the study of the Roman past of one of the most relevant provinces of the Empire: Baetica.

The ancient past of the municipality of Baena is widely reflected in its many archaeological sites. From Prehistory to the Middle Ages, the vestiges that are now exhibited in the Historical Museum are a faithful example of the historical evolution of the region. Among them, those shown in the rooms dedicated to ancient Rome stand out above the rest both for their artistic quality and for their own abundance. Statues made of fine marble, large numismatic collections, funerary epigraphs or an endless number of amulets, lamps, amphorae and other minor elements bring us closer to the historical evolution of the cities that existed on the Minguillar hill, on the Molinillos hill, in Izcar and, above all, in Torreparedones, the site archaeological par excellence of Baena. In this enclave some monumental baths are preserved, the road network that organized the city, the market and the most representative buildings of the Forum from which such exceptional pieces as the thoracata or the head of Augustus that accompanies these lines come. All a sample of the splendor that the Roman culture had in this land.

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