The sound of passion

The craft that sounds the most

The artisanal construction of the Baena drum maintains a trade that is passed down from generation to generation.

The thunderous sound of the drums gives peculiarity to Holy Week in Baena

Its craftsmanship continues to be maintained despite the passage of time

The unique sound that accompanies the celebrations of the Passion in Baena, was declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO and arises from the thousands of drums or “boxes” that are still being made in the town following craft techniques passed down from generation to generation. in generation.

The traditional Baena drum is completely handmade. Once its different components are ready, it is prepared or “tightened” by pulling a rope that surrounds it in a zigzag pattern and that makes two armeso wood hoops tighten two skins (“skins”) placed on the top and bottom of a gilt brass cylinder called the bottom. This, together with the “shriekers”, which are threads made of pig gut, will give it the peculiar sound that characterizes it.

The manufacture of drums is continuous throughout the year, although it intensifies from the months of September and October in order to cover the demand of the neighbors, which will be greater for Lent and the eve of San José (March 18) , dates on which they will begin to be heard through the streets of Baena as a prelude to the Holy Week celebrations.

The process of making the drum has different phases related to each of the elements that compose it. In this way, the tanning of the skins or giving the curved shape to the rings, both tasks that require special dedication, are carried out beforehand so that all the pieces are ready for the moment of assembly with which the finished manufacturing.

Some craft workshops can be visited by making an appointment


Tambor 1
With press tight
Tambor 3
Preparation of the metal background
With manual tightening
Tambor 4
The drum is ready for use


Making a sound for a tradition

That's how they saw us


Los dorados fondos de los tambores y de los cascos de coracero se hacen luz con los primeros rayos de sol y el contraste de coliblancos y colinegros unidos muestran una estampa que difícilmente volverá a repetirse a lo largo de la Semana Santa.
Abril, 2019
Los judíos sorprenden con los destellos dorados del brillo de sus cascos de latón finamente pulidos y ornamentados en relieve con motivos vegetales, alegóricos o pasionales (...) Del casco cuelga la cola, la que los divide en turbas, la colinegra y la coliblanca.
Febrero, 2015
Por menos de ciento ochenta y cinco euros no se adquiere el casco dorado de metal con celada, aunque no existen límites cuando se incrementa la artesanía del labrado y se hace a medida. Entonces los precios superan claramente los mil euros.
Abril, 2006
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