Metal craft

Goldsmith's work in brass

The metal work for Holy Week in Baena is so sublime that it could well be considered as the creation of a goldsmith.

Helmets, breastplates, bracelets, spear tips

The metal in the uniforms of the brotherhoods of Baen

Holy Week in Baena, in its baroque essence, is a faithful recreation of the most significant moments of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ. For this reason, the most diverse elements of metal crafts are part of what could be considered as exceptional props for the representation in the streets of the city of a unique tradition in which the peculiarities of Baen merge with the purest historical recreation.

The metalwork in Baena is currently related to the traditions of Holy Week by remaining exclusively at the service of brotherhoods and brotherhoods. The making of the most demanded objects, among them Jewish helmets, allow the craftsman to put into practice decorative techniques such as inset (making motifs with a blunt chisel to prevent the sheet from being cut) and inlay (embossed by the obverse on a body already in relief), but also others such as dotted dotted or technique carried out from the back of the piece to obtain motifs based on points in relief on the front; the incised decoration, consisting of incision with a buril on the piece and under a firm support that holds the object, or the  stamping  that is carried out by hammering pressure on the back of the sheet with a metal punch at the end of which is the drawing to be reproduced in relief. 

Despite being a job that can be carried out throughout the year, it is mainly concentrated in the three months prior to Holy Week, as there is an increase in the demand for “white-tailed” and “black-tailed” Roman and Jewish helmets, as well as of funds or circular structures of golden metal for the drums that will flood the streets of the city giving life to a tradition of centuries.

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Artesanía metal fondo tambor
Preparing drum bottom
Chiseling jewish helmet
Chiselled Baena Crismón
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Finished Jew's Helmet


Metal work of goldsmiths

That's how they saw us


Los dorados fondos de los tambores y de los cascos de coracero se hacen luz con los primeros rayos de sol y el contraste de coliblancos y colinegros unidos muestran una estampa que difícilmente volverá a repetirse a lo largo de la Semana Santa.
Abril, 2019
Los judíos sorprenden con los destellos dorados del brillo de sus cascos de latón finamente pulidos y ornamentados en relieve con motivos vegetales, alegóricos o pasionales (...) Del casco cuelga la cola, la que los divide en turbas, la colinegra y la coliblanca.
Febrero, 2015
Por menos de ciento ochenta y cinco euros no se adquiere el casco dorado de metal con celada, aunque no existen límites cuando se incrementa la artesanía del labrado y se hace a medida. Entonces los precios superan claramente los mil euros.
Abril, 2006
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