Easter week

Uniqueness and tradition

Nazarene brothers carrying crosses on their shoulders on Good Friday morning.

Centennial brotherhoods are part of Holy Week in Baena

The brotherhoods will be coliblancas or colinegros according to the crowd of Jews that accompany them

The Baenense Holy Week celebrations have their roots in the first third of the 16th century and their protagonists are the thousands of brotherhoods who are part of the more than 50 brotherhoods (many of them subdivided into gangs) integrated into the brotherhoods that process the Palm Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Good Friday, as well as Easter Sunday.

These brotherhoods are integrated into seven penitential brotherhoods that worship sacred images with which the most crucial moments of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ are remembered. In this way, tradition, the most unique folklore and Faith are inextricably linked, a Faith that is lived in a very special way in Baena because what in many places is synonymous with recollection and silence, here becomes an explosion of sound and color, something unique that leads those who star in it to experience a catharsis in which the deepest religious feelings emerge in this peculiar way in search of the transcendent.

Brotherhoods of Holy Week in Baena

Palm Sunday

Brotherhood of the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem

Foundation: 1981

Holy Wednesday

Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus of the Garden and San Diego

Foundation: End of the 16th century.

Holy Thursday

Illustrious Archconfraternity of the True Cross and Our Father Jesus of the Arrest

Foundation: First third of the 16th century.

Good Friday

Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of Forgiveness (Silence)

Foundation: 1962

Good Friday

Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Nazareno

Foundation: 1589

Good Friday

Brotherhood of the Dulce Nombre de Jesús, Santo Cristo del Calvario and Soledad de María Santísima

Foundation: Mid-16th century.

Easter Sunday

Royal Archconfraternity of Our Lady of the Rosary and Holy Risen Christ

Foundation:Between1529 y 1548

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